Hello, eligible family, My name is Diamond, and I am an aspiring entrepreneur. After graduating from Hunter college, I always had a mission to add value to Many Humans as much as I can as long as I am still in existence on planet earth. I graduated with a BS in Public health and, with the environmental background, wanted to ensure that every environment had the right climate and available resources at their disposal. I also want to further My academic career by acquiring My Masters in Public Health and will do so, but I always had a soft spot for becoming an entrepreneur.
Furthermore, I have always worked for someone, a company, an organization, but that was never enough for me. During this journey, I always wanted more, wanted freedom, and wanted more time with friends, I wanted time with My family, so I decided to embark on a new journey. I honestly did not know what else to do, but I knew there was a way out and wanted to give it a shot. I am new to the entrepreneurial platform but always had a passion for starting something on my own. Of course, there is still a starting point in the lives of everyone, but I also think there is always that underlying passion that propels Us to want more and achieve better, which kept me going during the decision phase of my life.
Making money online was something I would never have believed until a friend of mine got involved with it. He was an internet marketer and told me that there is so much possibility of becoming self-established on the internet. I thought it was unreal until He became a manifestation right in my eyes. I always wanted a way out. I always knew that My continuation With a 9-5 Job was never the best way out, and I gave it a shot. A shot that I am still growing in and educating myself as I gradually acquire new skills and wealth of knowledge on the internet. I believe so in the possibility of the internet now that I decided to share the knowledge I have acquired since attempting to make money on this platform. I will do my best to inform and update You with the information I have continually, and all I ask in return Is to believe in yourself and give it a shot.
The Covid-19 pandemic has been a new resolution to the entire world and has become more apparent to me that the internet is a Network where anything is possible. I only want You to give yourself a shot at change and open another avenue of Passive income for yourself. I love you all, and I cannot wait to share My journey with everyone.
Thank you, and always remember You have the power to make that positive change in your life.

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